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Explore our following services that will help overcoming challenges in your journey of parenthood.

Coaching for siblings’ rivalry

Coaching for sibling rivalry involves a professional coach working with siblings and parents to improve communication and conflict resolution using various techniques such as role-playing and problem-solving exercises.


siblings rivalry Coaching for Picky eaters

Our Coaching for Picky eaters help children broaden their food preferences and overcome their picky eating habits through positive reinforcement, exposure therapy, and behavior modification techniques.


siblings rivalry Coaching for lying problem

Service coaching for lying problems can help individuals to identify and address the underlying causes of lying behaviors of their children, develop self-awareness, and learn positive communication and conflict resolution skills.

Coaching for Homework hustle

This type of parents coaching guides parents to help their children develop effective study habits, time management skills, and motivation strategies to achieve academic success.

siblings rivalry Coaching for parents’ wellbeing

Coaching for parents wellbeings helps parents to address their physical, emotional, and mental health needs to promote a happier and healthier family life.

Coaching for creating good relationship with partner

This service of coaching will help you creating a good relationship with your partner to improve communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy to foster a stronger relationship.

Coaching for aggression in children

Coaching for aggression helps parents address their child’s aggressive behavior by identifying the underlying causes and developing effective strategies for managing and reducing it.

siblings rivalry Coaching for ADHD

This coaching type helps parents and children manage and overcome the challenges associated with ADHD by developing strategies for improving focus, organization, and self-regulation skills.

Siblings rivalry Coaching for Autism

Coaching for autism supports parents and children with autism develop strategies for managing and improving social skills, communication, and behavior to promote independence and quality of life.

Coaching for Learning disability

This Coaching for learning disabilities in children guides parents and children develop strategies for managing and improving academic performance, social skills, and self-esteem, despite the challenges associated with learning disabilities.

Siblings rivalry Coaching for Developmental delays

This Coaching solution helps children with delays in their cognitive, language, or motor development catch up to their peers by providing targeted interventions and strategies to support their learning and skill development.

Siblings rivalry Coaching for temper tantrums

This Service of Coaching for temper tantrums that helps parents and children deal with tantrums in a healthy and effective way. This solution provides guidance to communicate and cope better. reduce the frequency and intensity of tantrums.

Coaching for screen addiction

It helps parents and children reduce excessive screen time and develop healthy habits around technology use. We may work with parents to identify triggers and behaviors that contribute to screen addiction and further guides them to achieve a better balance between technology use and other aspects of life.

Career Counselling

Certainly! I can provide guidance and information related to career counseling. However, keep in mind that while I can offer general advice, personalized guidance is best obtained through interactions with career counselors or professionals who can consider your unique skills, interests, and goals.

Know Your Coach

I’m Filza Jabin

Certified Parent Coach & Child Psychologist

I am Filza Jabin, a daughter, a wife and a proud mother of three beautiful children. I am an Author of a Book,Teen Leadership Coach & Parenting Coach. I support parents to deal with the challenges of raising children and provide them with the solutions and strategies they need to create a happy, healthy, and harmonious life. My Children made me shift my career from MBA to Masters in Psychology to know deeply about child behavior and to be the best support for children around me. In the ongoing journey of discovering my real potential I did many certifications, along with Diploma in Child Psychology, Play therapy, Addictive Brain, and Psychological Perspectives of current issues in the education system and many more.


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