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Kolkota, India

Nivedita Dutta

Career Counsellor
Nivedita Dutta

Career Counsellor

Welcome to the world of Nivedita Dutta, an extraordinary individual whose passion and expertise span the realms of education, chess coaching, writing, meditating, and career guidance. As a dedicated teacher and chess coach, Nivedita not only imparts knowledge but also inculcates a love for learning.

Her heart beats for kids, students, animals, and nature, making her a compassionate soul committed to making a positive impact. With a background in geography, library and information science, Mass
communication, and Pranic healing, Nivedita brings a diverse set of skills to the table. Her commitment to continuous growth is evident through international teachers training Post Graduate Diploma in Special Education
(ADHD, Autism, and Learning Disabilities) from the esteemed Asian College of Teachers. Beyond academics, Nivedita thrives on problem-solving and finds joy in extending a helping hand to those in need.
Feel free to reach out to Nivedita not just as an educator and coach but as a friend. Her genuine passion for fostering connections and assisting others in their journeys makes her a guiding light in various facets of life.

Mon-Fri - 10 AM - 4PN

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