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Kolkota, India


Being a mother of three herself AND a child psychologist, Filza is a perfect combination of competence for anyone struggling on the journey. No, she will not fix your problems for you, but she will be there to support you, to help you and provide you with guidance on the best practices that worked for others.
Mother of a Baby
The work Filza is doing with parents is incredible and dare I say, highly recommended! Before this I knew very little about parenting and preferred the old ways of teaching my son, but after coaching with Filza, I realised that learning can be done without tears and tantrums and can easily be a way of connecting with our kids! I very much recommend every parent should try it atleast once!
Dr Noorul Islam
Father of a Son, age 5.
I am so happy the work Filza do with parents….It’s like a miracle she did to me and my child, at a certain period of time I was doing through a trauma,dissatisfaction with life, she helped me to be calm and focused so that I could make my child perform well and now he is doing excellent at school as well as in house….All parents should join Parenting Course with her…Today she is not only a coach to me but a true friend who listens to me calmly and with her ability erases all my pain and problems like a magic Thanx for being with me and my Son in bad times and Love u loads and best of luck for the great job u r doing.
Mother of a 8yr old Son
Filza has been a great influence on my relationship with my kids especially my son. She has taught me how to make connections and stay connected to him. The atmosphere in my home has changed drastically as I have put her ideas and direction into my daily life. She has used her family and her relationship with them to give me examples that are real life and are relevant to the situations that I face on a daily basis. I would recommend Filza because she is honest and caring.
Allyson Welsh
Mother of a baby
First of all I would say that Filza is just amazing. I had a tough time with my highly sensitive toddler and her guidance and knowledge actually helped us to understand what phase my kid was going through. Thanks to her for all the guidance and really I would suggest that every parent should visit her and needs a parenting course with her. For me it was a great experience and would still continue to consult her.
Moumita Dutta
Mother of a baby (3 year)
I am the mother of a 4 years old boy and I had the chance to have one-on-one parenting coaching sessions with Filza as part of the Intentional Parenting program. From the beginning, I was amazed by Filza’s caring personality and her peaceful approach to parenting. I felt completely comfortable to share with her my parenting struggles and more. She listened to me in a non-judgemental way and helped me see the issues in a different perspective which often led to finding solutions. She is very knowledgeable with respect to child development and always went the extra step to help me work through my parenting challenges. She is dedicated to her client’s well being and an amazing person to have in your support system. Thank you Filza for helping me be a more peaceful and calm parent.
Alina Salary
Mother of 4 years old boy